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I'm Bradley Snel - UX/UI Designer - from Amsterdam, Holland

my work/projects

Top Spot

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During my work at Canners I’ve been busy with my own concept. I found that students are having trouble finding a right spot to study. A lot of buildings are not capable to hold the amount of students. I came up with a concept where students can find a place to study using the top-spot application. Want to find out how it works and what it took me from scratch to design and prototype? Show more..


The owners of producthero.com asked me if I could be responsible for the User Experience part of their website. During 6 months I worked really close with them and came up with an end result. They already launched Producthero and are busy perfecting it. Go check it out at Producthero.com! Would you like to see a short recap of the process? Show more..

Rederij De Nederlanden

Boat company Rederij der Nederlanden asked me if I could make a redesign for their website. Mostly it contained UX-redesign. I made a couple of redesigns for them and their developers build it. Since the update they have been out renting a lot more boats. Really cool to see how good UX and UI design can make a difference. Show more..


Simpler.nl is a comparison site that displays all sorts of household machine’s. You can find prices of washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators and more. They each link to different shops where you can buy them. The website also helps you choose better with a question filter system. Simpler was build a couple of years ago and had to be updated. I’ve been busy with the developers creating a better platform. I made a redesign of the website to support them to get the user experience better.

Social Elephant

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I made an awesome mobile first template for Social Elephant. They now use it to make professional and effective websites especially designed for the device in our pockets. Cool ain’t it!?

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