Top-spot is a app that helps student find the right place to study. It gives a overall view of places where you can study in Amsterdam. These places can be found in buildings such as Universities, public libraries, coffeeplaces, you name it! The app also offers extra information about the characteristics of the spots. With the use of filters students can find the their ultimate spot, better known als: Top-spot. If the students can’t find the place they can use the build-in navigation.

An important feature of the app is the indication of free space within study-rooms with the use of sensors that show the occupation of different rooms within a building. This help students decide to go somewhere or skip the place based on how busy it is. It makes sure that students go out prepared and don’t lose precious time by finding the right spot.

My role


Research/problem validation

During the proces I asked students some important questions. You can find them here. If you would like to see the results send me a message!

The results helped my gather information about the things that makes a spot a good place to study, but most important it validated the problem: students have trouble finding the right place to study (in Amsterdam). This helped me with the beginning of the concept


The information from the students helped sketch different solutions. The sketch results you see here are the ones that made it to the final stage and are implemented in the app.

– Menu

– Maps

– Filters

– Information about the location

– List off al the locations

– Rankings en reviews


The biggest question was how can the app show students the occupation of buildings. For this we needed to do technology research. A harris profile made the choice. To show students how busy a place is the app will get it’s information from People Count sensors (see video). These are sensors that count how many people enter and leave a room.

We also designed a back-end database. This database makes sure the studentes can use all the functions and see all the information the app uses.

Feel free to ask me more information about the technology we use!

UX/UI designs

These are the most important screen designs of Top-spot. For a full experience you can use the prototype!

Artboard 1

Prototyp Invision

Klik the screen and you’ll get the Top-spot full experience!

WhatsApp Hi there, let me know if you need help!