I'm a freelance UX / UI Designer specialised in:

UI/UX research & design, prototyping, brand design and CMS development.


Hi, good to see you on my website! Let me introduce myself, 

I’m a freelance designer specialised in UI/UX research & design, prototyping, brand design and CMS developmen

I’m always eager to learn new things or develop brand new skills! So if you have a question about anything don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Anyways, I started developing my tools and skills from an early stage and always loved the creative side of life (yes I started using paint from when I was 10 and that was “da bomb!”). You could always find me with a brush or pencil drawing something somewhere. Also on things my parents didn’t agree on.

But lets go further in live, 

I graduated from the study Communication and Multimedia Design in februari 2019. Since then I’ve been working as a UX/UI designer for a couple of companies like Canners, Producthero and Kiesproduct and learned a lot! Btw, you can have a look at my resume to find out more places I’ve worked at.

Besides working for some cool companies I’ve got my own company called TBSNEL Design. But I guess you already noticed this by visiting my website ;).TBSNEL stands for Thoms Bradley Snel which is my full name. 

If you’d like any more information you can send me whatsapp or an email. I’m happy to get in touch and maybe we can help each other!





Dont hesitate to send me a whatsapp >>

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KVK NR: 75998521

BTW NR: NL003023650B88

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