Hi, I'm Bradley Snel

A Freelance UX/UI Designer based in Amsterdam,

I admire design solutions that help make the online and offline world a better place.

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Lead UX/UI Designer

Lead UX/UI Designer


Lead UX/UI Designer


Developer / UX/UI Designer

I was responsible for designing and building the website: css.kiesproduct.nl. This was entirely own work, including designs (logos / images, etc.).In addition, I was responsible for designing and creating various documents (contracts, infographics, manuals etc.).

Lead UX/UI Designer

The owners of producthero.com asked me if I could be responsible for the User Experience part of their website. During 6 months I worked really close with them and came up with an end result. They already launched Producthero and are busy perfecting it. Go check it out at producthero.com. Would you like to see a recap of the process? Have a look at the case study:


Lead UX/UI Designer

During my work at canners I’ve been busy with my own concept. I found that students are having trouble finding a right spot to study. A lot of buildings are not capable to hold the amount of students. I came up with a concept where students can find a place to study using the top-spot application. Want to find out how it works and what it took me from scratch to design and prototype?


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KVK NR: 75998521

BTW NR: NL003023650B88

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